Aperture Science

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Created for my tenth grade 'Personal Project'. Please submit to the Half-Life collection!

Update: For those of you who couldn't pass the third test even if you reached the end, I have fixed the problem and you can properly finish that stage!


I like it

Good Idea and execution, but I've got to ask... Is it even possible to "get the job?" I played twice, passed all tests and didn't get hired, still not even good enough for human experimentation. Fun game though, 5/5

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maxvm responds:

It is possible to pass the application, but there must have been something wrong with your actions. You might not have sufficiently passed with your details and personality traits, but you probably don't want to play a third time in one day.

ummmm similarity to a website

This game is great, I saw no large errors and loved the atmosphere. I did however notice a similarity to a website of the same name as your game. Is this intentded? If not you might consider changing the test a bit so as not to imply you stole the idea. I have no doubt you made this yourself, on a final note. Great, positive game looking forward to seeing more from you.

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maxvm responds:

I based my game from an actual PC/console game named Portal. That website is owned by the creators of Portal and supplies some back story to the game. It's not by coincidence, I completely meant to base my game on the real Aperture Laboratories. Anyway, you'll definately see more games from me in the future!

maze test doesn't work. game is slow.

after reading through reviews, it seems that others are also not passing the maze test.
i cheated through it, and didn't cheat through it. no difference. at the end with my cursor in the middle of the circle i still failed.

i read 200 times faster than this thing is printing. clicking and hitting space didn't speed that up at all.

what was the point in putting in my info at the start? since the maze part is unpassable i'll never know.

maxvm responds:

I've updated the game and the test should be passable now. The whole point of the tests is that you are applying for a job, so it has to look more formal than your usual game. I too can read faster than the text types itself, but I'm being considerate of those two can't. It also makes sure you read every word!

Great fun.

Enjoyable game, very fun and I liked the ideas behind it, have you been using flash long?
The only thing I would critque on is the mini game where you have to stop the bar in the space, when you succeed, the bar jumps back to the end, its a little jerky in my opinion, perhaps have the bar continue on the smooth parth and just have it change colour to show you succeeded?

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maxvm responds:

This is my first game in Flash, my fourth submission to Newgrounds, so I'm fairly new at this stuff. I don't have enough knowledge in ActionScript to change that detail, so it will have to remain for now. Thanks for the positive review!

Same bug as below.

I also have that problem, on the boundaries test, I fail even if I get to the end and don't touch the walls in that final circle.

Apart from that, neat concept. Was annoyed to find out if there's a better ending, tho, since I couldn't help but fail that test.

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maxvm responds:

You can still pass the whole test even if you do badly on one part, I'll try to fix the problem and update the file.

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3.96 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2009
5:28 AM EST
Skill - Other