Aperture Science

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Created for my tenth grade 'Personal Project'. Please submit to the Half-Life collection!

Update: For those of you who couldn't pass the third test even if you reached the end, I have fixed the problem and you can properly finish that stage!


What a great game!

I love this game, it's very unusual and very creative. I only have two problems with it:

1. It seemed to go on for quite long (luckily I had time, but I might not in other times)
2. I was about to do the final test at the end when something went wrong with the game and it went back to the main menu!

But a great game! :)

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maxvm responds:

Yay, another review from you! I suppose the game can feel long, but then again it's only several minutes of your time and many games will demand much longer from you. It's strange that the game suddenly restarted before the final test, you'll have to tell me exactly when it happened and I can try to fix it. Thanks for the nice review!

too many questions at the beginning

I found myself simply leaving the default answers filled in and pressing "continue".

Also, you should deactivate right-clicking so that people can't cheat through the maze. In case you were interested.

The snarky computer attitude was enjoyable.

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maxvm responds:

Hey Bob, nice to see another review from you! Honestly, I don't know how to disable right-clicking and only found out how to shorten it down. As for quickly skipping the beginning parts, I suppose that's just an impatience issue that you can work on? The computer wants to know your details and personality!

Hey Maxiemoo!

Looks like you've really got the whole family joining, doesn't it?!
Now, I would like to start off with a professional-looking comment and really get to the knitty gritty.

1) I am very sorry, but I can't read that fast, idiot.
2) Can't there be a skip button?! I don't have all day!
3) The maze is absolutely impossible.
4) Is it even possible to pass!?!?!

Other than that, well done! What ruddy jolly game this is. XD

BTW. You're very welcome for the 10/10. I am being exceptionally generous today.

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maxvm responds:

My sister? What?! No!!


I felt insulted after answering honestly,
because most people have answers worse than mine,
when i read i get a feeling of judgmental arrogance which is quite irritating
try not make it straight out insult some1 unless its a joke,
or ther gonna get Irate

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maxvm responds:

I was trying to make the dialogue seem humorous, so I'm sorry that you took it the wrong way.


it's great and all, but it kinda takes too long if you didnt pass , so i gave up after just one try, other than that, awesome! it may sound a bit pathetic, but maybe make it a little easier?

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maxvm responds:

It's okay to continue after a game, even if you failed it. Aperture Laboratories might find some other qualities from you and maybe you can make another attempt in the future. If I made the games less difficult, it would mean starting most of them over again from nothing.

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3.96 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2009
5:28 AM EST
Skill - Other