Aperture Science

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Created for my tenth grade 'Personal Project'. Please submit to the Half-Life collection!

Update: For those of you who couldn't pass the third test even if you reached the end, I have fixed the problem and you can properly finish that stage!


I made it in!

That was an intriguing game. I liked the computer's comments, and I thought it was GLaDOS, too.
The game suddenly restarted right after the computer told me about the final test, but that seemed moore like a part of the game.
Favorite part: Cake.

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maxvm responds:

Yes, the ending is part of the actual ending. The point is that the game suddenly 'restarts' so you can never be hired by Aperture Science. Anyway, thank you for the nice comments!

you should make on for Black Mesa

Cool though

maxvm responds:

I don't think a sequel is necessary, I am currently making another game that is very different to this one...


Excellent mate, really got a nice feel for aperture science there. Maybe the background music could of been a little different? But i see why you put it there. As i myself do not even know what would feel more like a aperture science theme song...besides the one you used for the opening menu ;)

Very well done and i hope to see more from you, Black mesa maybe ;)

Keep up the HL theme though!

maxvm responds:

I'm starting on to work on more different themes and probably going back to movies soon, but at least Valve will continue to deliver good Half-Life (and possibly Portal) games...


great game but wow its hard keep up the good work

maxvm responds:

Yes, some of the tests are hard to complete. Then again, nobody wants the less intelligent being applied for a laboratory, right? I'm glad that you enjoyed it anyway.

loved it but....

GLaDOS was a little mean to me she said no i cant join told me about the expariments and ''but i dont even think your capable of that.''


maxvm responds:

Sorry it had to end that way for you, but find humor in the computer. I never intended the computer to actually be GLaDOS, but I guess it could be possible...

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3.96 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2009
5:28 AM EST
Skill - Other