Stack Attack

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Press the RED BUTTON with your mouse to stack the blocks as high as you can. Align the blocks under the cherry to get EXTRA points. Hurry before time runs out. The block speeds will get faster when you get past the first level. If you can get past level 4, you're really good!



Great job with the game. Make a more complex game next time maybe?

danielwong828 responds:

I made the block speeds random after level 1 to make the game more fun and challenging. Let me know if you like it better now.

Nice game

It would be better if it wasn't random after level 1 lol. I dont like it how it occasionally moves 2 spots at once on the fast blocks, Maybe using decimal values in the random?

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Kinda fun

Not bad... wish it didn't use the spacebar, though... 10x better if it was a click game.

danielwong828 responds:

I updated the game to use the MOUSE (click game). Let me know if you like it better now.

Brings back memories of OO][

It's a clever interface, but I think maybe too hard to start? At least after a level you should get a block back or something. And yeah, something more to keep attention as you lay block on block on block, I think... But still, I think it's kind of sticky (I want to play it again). :)

danielwong828 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I switched the controls to use the mouse instead of the space bar. Also, I made the block speeds random when you get past the first level. I think the game is alot more fun now. Let me know what you think of the changes.

Not bad.

It's fun, much like the arcade game I keep TRYING to beat so I can get a free Zune. It runs fairly okay but is a little slow, and the timing is off. The timing issues makes it rather easy to play since you just click it right while it's behind the next block. Try varying the speed a little bit depending on what number of blocks you have. All around, it's a decent submission and gets my approval. Which really isn't worth much, but, still. Good job.

danielwong828 responds:

Great feedback! I made the controls alot more responsive. Also, I added random block speeds to make the game more fun and challenging!

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2.69 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2009
1:30 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling