Dodge Cupid

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[[ FIRST: this is partially a commissioned valentine's day present, so if you know the parties involved, please don't mention it! But I wanted to get some feedback from the "nearly done" from some fresh eyes, and I think it's pretty playable...]]

The one thing that's really missing is the music, but I'm still trying to line that up. Any and all feedback much appreciated--if not for this version, then maybe next year's Dodge Cupid 2: Cupid Defense ;)

And I'd really, _really_ appreciate it if you could recommend this for the Valentine's Collection (link down at the bottom left, if you didn't know--I didn't!) :)

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Rank 1, biatches.

Not a perfect game, but it was frustrating. Hard to get me frustrated.

kaolinfire responds:

Thanks :D I find it frustrating, too :D

Pretty good, for what it is

Not sure how much more I can say, though some more interesting graphics for the smiley face and the walls would have been nice. When you win it sounds like a manbearpig having an orgasm, not sure if that's what you were going for, but if it was, you succeeded.

kaolinfire responds:

Much appreciated. I wasn't quite going for a manbearpig having an orgasm, but I can enjoy succeeding at such a thing anyway. ;) The smileyface is, I think, the most disappoint piece of graphics in the game--I'm actually kind of proud of the maze hedges, but that could just be a function of how much of a (*#&$(#* they were. The hedges I just couldn't think of a better way to do them ((I render them as blocks, add some green noise, blur them, then add some more green noise)). The smileyface... kind of ditto, just couldn't think of a small object that would look like a dude walking around easily enough, small enough. :)


it gets a bit hard difficulty settings power ups and anything of that nature would be nice

kaolinfire responds:

Thanks. :) I've got a day to add some tweaks, and powreups were on my list, but nothing was gel'ing for me in terms of balance. A "freeze time" was suggested, but that seemed kind of too powerful. Or a "slow down", even. "hop walls" ... dunno.

I appreciate the comment :)

Not Sure If It's Me

I can't believe I'm saying I found this game fun. The main thing you might want to work on are the corner turns. COllision detection is a lil funky on quick turns. Maybe you could make the object edge like a pixel wide feather smaller. Other then that, great.

kaolinfire responds:

Yeah, the cornering is a touch hairy--and it gets worse when the maze is smaller. It's been suggested I try to smooth out the path (force people to stay in the middle), and that might do the job... right now I'm not really storing the paths in an easy "stay on it" sort of manner--it's just a bitmap after it's generated. But I you've added a notch in my "figure it out already" belt. Hopefully I can get to that :)

And thanks! :D

Credits & Info

2.61 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2009
12:32 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle