Castle Rescue 2

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Collect bonus items by shooting them. The hero has different stats that determine the accuracy and damage of arrows.


I've seen better...

but I've also seen worse. For those who need help, you need to aim ABOVE the target because the arrow arcs DOWNWARDS. Like the other comments said, it gets boring easily, but in the beginning it's fun. At least their are power-ups to help you get farther up in the levels.

i liked it

it was fun, got to level 14 and got bored but it was pretty fun

cute lil game

kept my interest for 17lvls, seemed a lil easy once ya get the gravity down pat... very difficult to lose, esp since ur health replenishes between levels. Stats didn't really seem to do much.

one thing i did notice, if you get 3arrow/2arrow and launch several into the sky, then quickly get a burn/bomb powerup... all the arrows in flightalready will become fire/bombs.... nice way to kill prettymuch everything. Was starting to laugh when i found this out, nice lil carpetbomb.

The reload powerup didn't rly seem to do anything.

Not sure if this was intentional, but sometimes the badguys wont climb if there are 5'ish guys climbing already... are the badguys just courteous?

Cute lil game, hope your skills get better ^_^


Not the best game in the world, especially graphically. It's hard to hit enemies, especially when most have to be hit multiple times to kill them. It gets boring fast, as well.

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Bah. Hum. Bug.

you only used circles to make the characters, and it Got boring in five seconds, and you can't hit any enemy!

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2.69 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2009
11:19 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed