Cell Warfare

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If the game is lagging for you right click the screen, go to settings, and switch the storage amount to unlimited.

Daily Seconds and FRONT PAGE! Thank you so much newgrounds

-Cell Warfare-

An amazing content packed space shooter with 78 achievements, 28 badges, 10 unique enemies


Arrow Keys or WASD to move
Mouse to Aim and Shoot

Created by: Xdragonx10 / Christopher Gregorio
Sponsored By: FreeGamesOnline.com

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Please tell me about any bugs you find in the game.



This game is so simple, but so addictive! Keep up with the good work!

not good

this game fails for a number of reasons... u can't shoot while ur moving for no reason, which means u have to let go of the move keys so that u can stand still to shoot.. but ur ship doesn't stop straight away, it slows down, and ur just stuck there waiting to be able to shoot.. It also fails on laptop touchpads.

Great Job

Excellent arcade shooter, game play is smooth and graphics really well blended. Godd powerups but maybe short, something like a bomb or multiple shot (even timed or 1-2 shots) it should have been a great addition to the powerups collection.
Well done allowing players to choose movement between w/a/s/d or arrow keys, however the option to move your ship with mouse is something i think it makes the game faster in game play, but this is personal, each player has his own skills with mouse/keyboard.
Great game overall, keep it up!

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But one little thing annoys me... once you get the hang of the game, it's only a matter of the time you want to waste, whether you get in the top scores or not:

As soon as the grey enemies appear, you only need to run around them for... seconds, minutes, even hours, if you want to. When it starts lagging (it didn't, but I couldn't keep that stuff on for more than fiveteen minutes) you kill the first one and the other 23719 ones die in the black ooze, giving points but not counting for your kills. Do that as often as you like and you get to 100000+x points. Therefore the highscores are not saying much about the skill of the players... and therefore it's not worth being played longer than an hour or so...

...but then again: I can't blame you for bad music, sucking images or any kind of bugs... it's just this minor issue what bugs me. ;-) Good work anyway!

4/5 9/10


this is a really great game! i hope you make other cool games!

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4.18 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2009
5:57 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional