Star Survival: Planets!

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EDIT: Chenged the resolution to allow a faster FPS

Sorry for yesterday, the bug is fixed and I learnt to never trust game jacket.

This is my first game, It's the third and final release of it, thank you very much newgrounds for the help on developing it!

Changes from last release:

1. Changed the star to a flying saucer
2. Changed planets graphics
3. Increased screen resolution
4. Increased number of levels
5. Increased planets speed
6. Reduced processing and memory usage
7. Added a chain effect on the explosion
8. Made the explosion round
9. Decreased invincible time, and made possible catch stars when invincible
10. Changed the overall game layout
11. Made a Score screen
12. Removed "Gray Screen of Death" (ty game jacket....)
13. Changed the title so I don't get acused of ripping off my own game^^

The first two releases:
Star Survival and Star Survial: Nova can be played on:
http://linkage001.newgrou nds.com/

Thanks for the original game reviewing:
Colonel-Cool, ir0nh0rse, FEITO, Blaxxberry, LazySasparilla

Second version:
TrentHAX, GreyNev, shizzazzle,xx-Acid-xx, adrinaline153, deathbytaters, Chaoslord1, Mal-0, airick3001, Zhacques, cowsgomooand.

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I think I'll just keep playing the old one, this one lags for some reason. Idk what it is, but its a lot choppier and the planets skip - I don't know how else to explain it, but yeah, its probably just my PC needing a restart...I'll keep trying to beat the scores on the last game. Lol. You do however get a 9/10 and a 5/5, because....I can.

linkage001 responds:

I think that's because the planets end up taking too much gpu time, a smaller resolution would fix it. If I can think of other "major changes' I can release another version.

You can try a smaller resolution here:

http://crimsonwoods.blogspot.com/2009 /02/blog-post.html

btw your review was the best, I was here thinking about what had I done wrong and how I ruined the game, that helped a lot.

Not bad.

Not bad. I think the rate of the stars showing up should be increased slightly. Other then that it was fun.

its ok

but this idea has been done before, exactly the same..

linkage001 responds:

... yes by me. I even thanked you for your review before..... Read the thanks for the second version.

Good job!

I've actually played your first version of this and I must say you did a "pretty darn good job"!
I didn't get dizzy, the controls are very very smooth, and the saucer looks also better.
I think this needs no further explanation, 10/10.


it was pretty damn cool... alright i lied it was awesome but, could have ben better.

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2.72 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2009
2:19 PM EST
Action - Other