Instant Football

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Football Game.
You have 3 minutes to win the match.
You play against computer(red players).
Your player is selected and in the middle of screen.

Use your mouse to direct player
Left click - kick the ball or take it away.
Space, Shift - switch to closest player to the ball
P - pause on/off
S - sound on/off
M - main menu

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In the last couple days in Rwanda, we headed back toward the airport. On the way, we visited some orphans and widows, doing missionary work like a cop eats a doughnut. The woman my group met with was 51 years old and had an amazing, tragic story. Her husband was a fisherman and died drowning when she was in her early twenties. By then she had two kids, but her parents and parents-in-law disowned her. She couldn't afford the house she was living in, and had no where to go, so she lived, quite literally, under a mat for ten years. The neighbors took pity on her kids some nights and gave them food, some of which they smuggled in their shirts, so that's how the woman survived. There was something about her owning the house they'd lived in, but not the land it was on, and the man who owned it refused to part with it. He was planning on leveling the house, but since it was government-built, it was illegal. When we met with her, she was in the process of getting the government to step in. My favorite part was that she let us take the bench in her house, and pulled down some mats for herself. One of the mats, when unrolled, revealed a giant spider. I pointed it out, expecting her to whack it with a shoe, or ask me to. Instead, she slapped it, bare-palmed, it curled up, and she brushed it aside. My sister would have run to Uganda at the sight of that spider.

The day before we left the country, we had a one-day "retreat" for the World Relief staff. It was based around the five or six sections of the Lord's Prayer. We put out large sheets of paper with the section name at the top, then went around and wrote prayers that fit the section for World Relief and otherwhere. (Otherwhere passes spell check?) It was a fairly powerful experience. Afterward, it began to rain pretty hard. I walked out into it, getting soaked. The Rwandans thought I was crazy, which amused my team and me.

The day after we got back from Rwanda, I had tickets with my Microsoft team and Swood to see the Seahawks. We were to meet at a bar in Seattle, but I managed to leave my wallet in my bags, still packed, at home, and my 16-year-old face couldn't convince them I was 24. Our tickets were for seats literally the furthest from the field, the nosebleeds of the nosebleeds. We lost the game, though had we made the hail-mary field goal we would have won or gone into overtime. I don't remember.

When I went back to work, everything had changed. The two remaining members of the original project I was on had left to go work with my old boss. We had one new member, and two or three more on the way. Our code base had moved to an entirely different system. Seriously, I'm gone for two weeks and the team falls apart.

Within two weeks, I had to do my commitments. My boss helped me with those, and midway through, I realized, I'm not going to do these. It made setting them a bit easier, when then and there, I decided I was going to quit my job.

Obviously the next question was "What now?" The only thing that came to mind was teaching high school math, so I set my course, and looked for colleges. The only college that fit my schedule was SPU. For UW, I'd have to wait until the next October to apply, and start in spring of '13. Western, which would have been my first choice, had no Seattle satellite campus, and I don't want to leave my church. When I talked to HR about leaving Microsoft, she recommended CityU, but my sister is there.

A few weeks later, at one of my one-on-ones with my boss, he told me, as a friend and in no official capacity, that I should start looking for a new job. I started talking to people about my decision, outside of work (and with Athena). My Rwanda trip team (we're still meeting once every two to four weeks as we did pre-trip) was all very supportive, everyone saying I'd make a great teacher. My psychiatrist said she hears people frequently say they want to quit their jobs, and she always tells them to keep them, but in my case, that I should go for it. The only two people I told that weren't thrilled were my mom and Luke's wife--both teachers. My mom

A lot of fun!

This was an excellent game. I enjoyed it very much. The only thing that got to me was that stealing with click didn't seem to work, I always got it without clicking, and clicking when I was near the ball seemed to always end up with a kick. Then again, it was close quarters, so I might be wrong. Good sound, good art, fun game. Thanks!

PozirkGames responds:

It's like in real game, when you try to steal you can miss.
Well, not exactly, you chances only 20 out of 100. :)

To take nobody's ball you don't have to click, but to "still" it - you have to.

Thank you for review!

not was i was expecting lol but good anyways

Being american, I thought this was american football lol.

Good simple "minute burner" game. Would be nice if more modes and characters/teams were added. Maybe a championship ladder or something? Make challenges to add a reason to keep playing it.

You have a pretty good foundation for something bigger (even though you may never come back to this again .=p) Keep up the good work.

PozirkGames responds:

Maybe next version will be bigger...

Thank you for review!

Instant indeed

This is an fun pick up and play game.
Nice stuff.

PozirkGames responds:

Thanks! :)

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2.06 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2009
6:23 PM EST
Sports - Soccer