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Luffy.Vs.Naruto BETA0.2.0

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Author Comments

The third alpha/beta of an "in-progress" Luffy Vs. Naruto Game.

After finding out that my platformer was not very popular, I again, changed the game type back to fighting. So, once again we have an extremely improved version of Luffy Vs. Naruto.

At the moment the game is set on PVP mode as I have not had the time to add the AI, but hopefully, for my next submission, the AI will be made and the fighting itself will be touched up.

The instructions/controls are under the title, so basically all you have to do is read, learn and start! Oh and btw, if the characters fall of the page, please just click menu and restart the game.

Another point are the new variables I have included. There is now health added and the defense percentage basically shows your resistance, so when your resistance goes to 0%, you will get stunned so as to prevent people from spam defending.

Another bug with the current revision is that the death and life system doesn't work so when your playing, just assume that the first person to reach or go below 0% loses.

For those of you who may get confused the "?" in the controls section, literally means that button. In other words, dash is the "?" button.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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Review review...

1st of all, this still seems more like an alpha version than a betha.

2nd: You may say: "Oh but this is newgrounds, no one gives a shit",
you shouldnt add comments warning users from what they shouldnt do... its wrong, the user must be protected from their own mistakes ( I had to study that =s ).
That off screen fall and the life bar are easilly fixed, at least in an alpha version, so, dont be lazy =P

3rd: about the "game"
Since it seems that you pretend to make the game in that scale, why not add air-atacks?
If the combat stage is not linear as in Tekken, SF or other games, but it has more plataforming aspects as in Newgrounds Rumble, why not air-atacks?
Also, why not combos? They dont need to be very big, but a simple 3 hit combo for normal atack would be interesting.

Continuing, a little wierd thing in my opinion is the way they get stunned.
Wouldnt make much more sense they get in that condition by being severally spanked instead of their defense broke up?
Otherwise I could make my char get stunned because yes...

The dash thing could work in air...

One other thing that I think needs serious work is the control configuration.
The controls are to much close and make that the playing with one hand is not enougth, but playing with two gets a mess.

So far I cant remember much more to say, but I'm curious to see the AI and the next improvements.

FLAnimator responds:

I understand what you mean and the feedback is very helpful. Thanks, but then again, flash isn't easy to script off tutorials from the net without help from someone experienced and without any knowledge of C or anything like that.

Still, thanks for the increased feedback, helps alot! I'll try to re-interest myself in C so that I can start "flashing" again.


This beta is quite impressive! The animation and the idea of the health an the defense system works well, but I prefer the controls used in the first beta version for the two characters. I know you're working on the AI for now, but I hope the controls will be the ones in the other beta submitted before... Apart from that, a well done start for a game!

FLAnimator responds:

Thank you. I'll see if I can improve the controls by basing it on another normal console game so that It will make more sense, but again, thanks!

don't put betas on newgrounds.

put them on the NG Alphas.....
they're probably gonna be blammed if you put em on NG, not on NG Alphas.

still pretty goood though

FLAnimator responds:

Hmmm, yeah ok.


Ok, good idea, nice animation - really funny and dynamic. But what do you think should happen when health drops below 0%? Negative health? Don't think so. What if a character (or both) drops off the screen? Nothing?

It's still not a game, but a promising semi-product. Good luck finishing it ;-)

FLAnimator responds:

First, read the description. Second, thanks for the enthusiasm.

Lack of everything

You just picked Jump Ultimate star sprites and put then to fight in a really bad system game
no death
no custons
no originality
no stars

I know is just a beta version, in my opinion beta games must not enter the portal
I'm just a player and I can't give tips
only try harder next time

FLAnimator responds:

Dude... Read the description, and please, contribute with your own flash game (oops I'm sorry, you don't know how do you?) before making an insulting remark.