Aerial Avenger

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A shooting game enclosed in a jet adventure which depicts the story of pilot who's in search for the brain of her colleague's destruction.

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pretty nice!

my score is actually 9 but pinoy ka naman, so i scored you a perfect 10, i really enjoyed the game. it remids me of SPACE IMPACT in 3210 nokia or something. its an old game. haha you're good. keep it up bro.

Potential, but not quite up to snuff yet.

10 stars
- 1 = Have to click the screen to be able to move after a level starts, and it starts after you click the button to start with no other warning so you almost always take a shot before you have time to move.
- 1 = story/cutscenes boring and unnecessary
- 1 = levels too short... good variety of enemies, but the powerups don't help against many of them.
- 1 = having to tap the key instead of hold it.
- 1 = boss battle should be tough, but I used 12 rockets and 2 superrockets... what could withstand that?
- 1 = player jets seems sluggish compared to enemies... also needs upgrades, etc.

Total Score: 5 / 10

Keep it up, I love shooters!

I was enjoying it

Up until the boss battle.Let me say that the levels were pretty fun,lots of different enemies,that artillery from nowhere was tricky,the missles were only really useful against ground targets...but the test of any shooter are the boss battles,and this one failed.It seemed to me to be just about impossible to avoid all of its fire,and I tried moving slowly from the very top to the bottom,he just fires too many shots to avoid them all,as sluggish as the jet is you can't dodge between the shots.I fired all 12 rockets(+2 superrockets),right into him,and did my best to avoid his fire but like I said its not possible to avoid it all.What he's shotting at you is the same sahpe as what you are shotting at him so it's next to impossible to tell when he starts firing if you are aiming right at him...I suppose if from the start of the fight I had just been strafing him as I moved to avoid fire I may have beat him,but I think that would have taken a very long time,I was shotting him for a few minutes at least.Work on the balance of this boss and the game is worthwhile...I also had the glitch mentioned below...but it was avoidable.Also while the machine guns seem burst fire..if you tap the button you get full auto.It's got potential...

Cool game, but I found an annoying glitch.

Nice graphics, crisp gameplay. The burst method of the bullets reminds me of G-Darius (if you don't hold autofire XD).

Anyway, the glitch. Every time I start a mission (as in I press the START button for the next mission) the game loses keyboard focus and I have to click the game window before I can move or shoot. I'm using Firefox, btw.


Simpel, good, and fun! Eventhough it is not a super big game, it is simpel and yet good!

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2009
8:51 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight