NG: The Zoo

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EDIT: Since it's an art collab, some of you have stated you'd like more time to view each piece. So here's a link to the forum thread where all of them are posted: http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/761511

So I was digging through one of my old harddrives and found this old folder. Last year I switched PCs and moved countries and in the process misplaced a lot of stuff. I've been searching for old gems in my many cluttered documents.

Yep, it's from 2007. Old stuffs. On one hand it doesn't seem that long ago, on the other it seems like decades.
Speaking of which, since this is so old, if anyone coauthored doesn't want to be (due to the inevitable loathing of one's past art), let me know and I'll remove you immediately.

I figured rather than let this go to waste, I'd compile it all real quick and upload it for archives sake.
Why just Pico and one of the Castle Crashers running through? I was originally planning on having Tankman and Alien there as well, but guess something went wrong and I never did it. And I certainly don't feel like doing it now (animation on this thing is too awful to waste time on).

But hey, it's fun. Brings back memories.


The people who gave it a 0...

Guys it's an art gallery, it's not made to be funny or have a good story or anything, it's just a collab from various NG videos, and that's why it made the front page.

well done.

I quiet enjoyed the art work in this. it was original and creative.

this is a collection of art. i belive it fully deserves the front page. there is nothing wrong with a polished art collab. and it was polished. not all flashes have to have a story line or "humour." like i said, this is a collection of art. it should be viewd as such. if you wanted humour, there are plenty of other flashes on Newgrounds that offer it.

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pretty sweet, but i do agree when people say it went to fast, shouldve slowed it downs so we could actually see the monsters

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but it should have went slower. I like the creatures tho!! I never would have thought of half the things you came up with, so nice job!

Too fast

You only get five because the scroll speed is too fast. There was a lot of stuff there but it needed a pause button or something, too much was lost.

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3.78 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2009
10:26 PM EST