Donzy's Platform Tutorial

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Make a platform game in 7 easy to understand steps, with explainations!
Extras included by me include:
Dynamic Camera
and Exit Points

PLEASE RATE, REVIEW, AND RECOMMEND! (For the tutorial collection!)


Hey you guys, it would be fantastic if you would recommend this for the tutorial collection. DO IT!

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Click on the button to see the end product...

And you can't move. and also, everyone knows that it won't be fun if you got just a rectangle to move on, and then jump on the other rectangle, and then walk on the coins and then jump on the other rectangle... did you ever seen a game like that?

Donzy responds:

no, with the codes, you can use the brush. It doesn't have to be a straight terrain.
Also about the end product, it was a typo. It was meant to say W,A,S, and D to move! SORRY I FIXED IT!

i wish i didnt suck at flash

see that sort of made sense but i dont even know how to make a proper movie clip... im gonna look into that more and come back to this... btw good job :D

Donzy responds:



good, but for some reason my guy falls when he moves to the next platform or when he jumps he falls through them, im sure if i fiddle around with it i'll get it going.

also, if anyone is wondering how to get the score counter to follow your v cam just go into the v cam movie clip - look in that big thing of code for:

"// make frame invisible
this._visible = false;"

change it to "true"

then just high light your v cam square that you drew and open your color mixer, change it's color alpha to 0%

click on the vcam and look in properties, put a name for it in the
<instance name> section.

i called it "vcam".

go into your vcam movieclip and insert a new layer, call it whatever you want, i called it "scorecounter".

copy this


and paste it in the "scorecounter" layer's first frame.

go to your coin movieclip and paste this code in.

onClipEvent (load) {
this.swapDepths(_root.getNextHighestD epth());
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (_root.player.hitTest(this)) {

change the "vcam" part to whatever you gave the the vcam as a instance name.
lets say you named it "camera" change this on the code...


there you go. sorry for the massive length, just figured i put that in there, because i figured there would be alot of comments requesting this. you can go ahead and put this in the tutorial if you like.

good job with the tutorial btw looking forward to seeing more from you.

Donzy responds:

Ok, so I tried that and when you change false to true, it makes the ground invisible. PM me because I'm improving the tutorial.

Looking forward to the finished product

hehe could definately use work, but keep me updated on the progress.

This could be a great tutorial for many people.

Oh and thanks for including my music in this clip :)

Donzy responds:

No problem, I just really like the song. (Plus I wanted to be the first person to use the top rated techno song!)

It's more of a copy and paste then a tutorial

it wasn't TERRIBLE but there's a few bugs.
1. It says use the arrow keys to move but its WASD
2. I jumped off the platform and the guy just kept falling (infinite loop i assume)
It was ok, but for tutorials sake explain some of the actionscript to the viewer so they know what they're pasting if they want to alter variables like speed or jump height or things of that nature.

Donzy responds:

omfg thanks for telling me that! I JUST REALIZED I NEVER FIXED THAT TYPO! I'll go do it right now!

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Feb 9, 2009
9:09 PM EST