Type It II

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The sequel to my 2006 game, Type It! Back with plenty of new modes, medals, and achievements.

This is my first game in ASHKINRIPT THREE POINT OH, I finally made the jump. HUGE thanks to mike for
helping me with a lot of noobish questions and dealing with AS2->AS3 nuances.

Mike also set most of the platinum medal scores for the game, so take it up with him when you just can't get that high score :)


really good

I have to say this is game that kills time and makes u practice ur typing skills very good keep up the good work

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Sure, it's simple.

But it's TRYING to be simple. And you've done a fantastic job fleshing out a good concept into a well polished and expansive game. My biggest complaints:
-I would have liked to quit back to the parent menu rather than the root menu from the game over screen.
-I wish there was more than just the one song. Some songs are so good in the way they subtly change that they can carry an entire game. This song is not one of them. It would have been so simple to switch to another loop after, say, 10 repetitions, and it would have vastly improved the experience of the game.

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Better than expected

I didn't think I'd find this interesting - this game is good for learning to type. I didn't expect to enjoy it but it's actually quite addictive.

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Great Game

only issue i saw with this was the Word Portion of the game... you can barely see what you're supposed to be typing.

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More languages

Release it in different languages, since its hard for to be really fast in english word typing when ur not used to :)javascript:submission_controller.Ge tReviewController().SaveReview();

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3.73 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2009
8:04 PM EST
Skill - Typing