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The Ultimate MGS1 Quiz

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Hello all. This my best submission ( and first) that I have worked on. I had taken me ages to work out the clinks and buts and bobs, but I have finally done it. You have to click on the answer to answer. Sorry if it's so shite, as I am a beginner on everything. This about Metal Gear Solid 1 remember.
Hope it goes well!

Note : If you me to make more, so they can be better than the last, just tell me. Eg, The Ultimate MGS2 Quiz.


100% first time
i need to stop playing mgs
on to mgs2

very good quiz it really tests your knowledge about the game
5 stars

i need the second disc because i got so far and its fun to use the gas mask and famas. there is physco mantis, liquid, revolver ocelet, sniper wolf, vulcan raven, decoy octopus. then frank jaeger i hate him so much he was hard. see he would jump turn invisible and punch hard and i had no ration waht so evar but then i stock piled on rations then got so much flash grenades and stuns. ii did have thermal.

good quiz i get 90%

100% YaY

pretty short and some question hard when you only have mgs Twin Snake but it's a good quiz =D

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3.43 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2009
3:02 PM EST
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