Peresvet Battle

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You bowman. Shoot at enemy. control - mouse, space bar to exchange weapon.



the idea was simple, but fun. you could have done a better job on the music & graphics. you could have put more variety in the weapon selection. nuthin' new & interesting

Very Poor

This is the worst flash game I have ever played, or at least one of the worst flash games I have ever played and that does not just go for this site; it is just completely boring, and isn't much of a challenge.

There's no story to it, you're just some random guy armed with a bow and a club and all you do is just shoot and whack people. And believe me, you really do have to shoot and whack 'cause the bow is entirely useless in close range; for some reason it's not as effective as it is in long range, and it's very unrealistic how you have to switch to the club for the enemies that you can't shoot down despite they are very close to you.
The enemies don't pose much of a threat and it's just the four enemy types over, and over again. Do they ever get harder, is there some sort of progression? No. It's as simple as that, just no. Rather pathetic. You can play this game all day long (literally) and you probably won't even lose a single heart. However, I think you'd just be too bored early on to even bother reaching over 9,000 points, or even just 1,000.

The graphics are really terrible. The visuals are bland and boring looking, and the illustrations are very poorly drawn. The animations is just purely awful in every sense of the word.

The sound is just abysmal, and very annoying thanks to the music that just plays over, and over, and over again. voice acting for dying soldiers is done badly.

It was okay

I think some didn't die because once they are close enough to you, the club is your only choice in weapon; overall, i liked the game


I really do believe that this could be developed into something great but there were a few problems. 1, i shot at enemies 100 times and some didn't die (why is it just my computer)? Tell me when you fix these problems i want to play a better version.


Not quite a bad games, i like the gameplay :D but you could have spend more time on the music and the style

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2.21 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2009
4:14 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed