Make Me Fat

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Grab some food, and throw it in his mouth. Each piece of food makes you fatter, But the Vegetable makes you skinnier. Its harder than it looks with the time limit.
P.S. If you beat it do not reveal the Tips to anyone please.
Also; Using the Timer there's enough food to last the end of the timer even with the vegetable; But if the Timers DE-Activated, Then Unless you finish before your out of food, Then Your gonna be stuck there.
But as I should put out there. I can't (Maybe You Can) Win with the Broccoli falling. So your gonna want to make it stop falling. (This is one of the TIPS for beating the game)Move the brown block at the bottom of the screen so it hits the vegetable. That will make it disappear.

New difficulty settings~~
New (Fat Dood) Preloader~~
More Awesomeness!!

Also; Hard Mode, Is Like European Extreme; 10X worse than EXTREME
You've gotta have some major balls to play in this difficulty.



is a retarded wasten of time i cant believe someone would make this

scuddle666 responds:



I HATE IT!!!!!!

scuddle666 responds:

Yep, broccoli can get that way


Hey, this is a pretty decent game, I like most of it, and certainly enjoyable for most people, especially since the fat guy looks pretty funny.
I like how this is a challenge as well, So definetely a good play if someone enjoys a challenge.
I would only say an improvement to the timer possibly, it seems to go really fast oddly enough, perhaps adding different modes, such as easy, medium and hard.
Overall, a good challenging game, keep up the work.

scuddle666 responds:


I see were your going

Neat idea i mean its ok but i think you should reprogram this and make it easier

scuddle666 responds:

I'll consider it.


heres a tip, a game is alot harder for the rest of the world then it is for the programer. Have people on the forums test it out before hand, i couldent manage it, even with the brocilly stoped!

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scuddle666 responds:

Okay........I still think your all giving up too easily.

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Feb 9, 2009
3:43 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click