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Maze of DEATH IV

rated 4.10 / 5 stars
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Feb 8, 2009 | 6:08 PM EST

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Author Comments

After gathering all 3 Power Gems, you tried to find, and defeat the Swamp Witch. With the gem's power, you were unable to defeat her. But somehow, she has grown stronger. Maybe she learned to counter the gem's power. Maybe the gems weren't real. Maybe the Fortress of DEATH is slowly draining your sense of reality, and along with it, your life. You have to get out, and fast, before this happens. And on top of that, your flashlight is just minutes away from dying. The mazes are even more dark and dangerous than ever before. Descend, deeper, into the Fortress of DEATH. Because at this point, there is NO TURNING BACK...

This took about 4 days to finish, and finally it's done. I didn't work on it much today, I was cleaning alot. But all in all, it took maybe 5 hours or so. Yes, there are no more orcs, but this one adds a new element into the twist: warps. During certain levels, you will notice you can't reach the stairs to the next floor. You will then have to warp to a secret room, which in there, will allow you to warp to an area back to the original maze, thus reaching the exit. The warps can get complicated though.

For those who are wondering, if the series will end, it will go on. For a very long time. It may be getting old, but that isn't a problem. Maze of DEATH V will feature an overhead style game. This will eliminate the precise wall dodging stuff, and change it up a bit.

And please don't cheat. It was hard to prevent cheating, and I gave up trying to implement it. Just please don't right click and cheat. If you get annoyed from dying, here's a tip from the start. Take your time, PATIENCE IS KEY. Just go through slowly. Even slower than usual, because the Fortress of DEATH gets darker the deeper you go...

Thanks to dx5231 for the audio. Yes, I used your song in this series, that you kinda hate.

Also, this game was over 3 MB! I compressed it into 860.2 KB!!

On that note, enjoy!



Rated 4 / 5 stars


Well your style is really good, a very dark feel to it all. The character design of the main guy in the opening part and the pitch black maze topped with the creepy music. A very nicely done flash game and a good take on maze games in general you were able to bring an original concept to the genre.

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Emby responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Wow nice game here, seems like you really put some work into it, i wouldnt mind seeing the "BUTONS" changed and upgraded with a sleeker design, the game is fun and seems fast paced wich i like its an entertaining game, anyways nice job

Some fresher and sharper looking buttons

Fun game


Emby responds:



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


holy shit i just wet myself at the end there. you should make it so that people can't use the right click trick cause i used that. right click and then left click in another spot. other than that it was ok 9 for bad animation

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Emby responds:

9 for bad animation? Hehe, glad you liked.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


its good but to short and yet again another screamer.

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Emby responds:

Do you think I'm gonna stop with 'em and take my time to make a *good* Flash?



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I do not hate it

haha. I do not hate the series. I mean, the other ones were kinda easy, and stuff like that, and the same monster pops up in the end. You changed it this time :P

Well, this time it gets really dark sometimes, making it really hard to beat. You should remove that part where the guy stops and the picture pops up. You know, you expect something scary to come, so you don't actually get scared with that.

About the animations, they were pretty good. I just didn't like the button thingys (the ones with the character speech), they look kinda simple. I don't like the gradients that come with flash, they don't look good. I think that it would be better if you put the speech in the bottom of the screen, in a black box or something. And with an arrow (so when you click it, the character proceed on the speech).

Now about the handdrawn text between the levels, they shouldn't be handdrawn. There are some cool and scary-themed fonts on the web, you should search for them and use on your next Maze of Death.

The level design was good in my opinion. I just think that you need to work a little bit more on it.

The audio was- oh wait, I'll not talk about the stuff I make. But anyways, it fitted the game.

Ok, I guess that's all.

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Emby responds:

Hehe - the Swamp Witch sends a minion to scare the crap out of you this time. Unfortunately, it's not as scary as the earlier ones.

Your speech bubble idea is interesting. And yes, everyone hated the hand drawn text.

Glad you enjoyed...!