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Very fun game!


Tips on better game play

it is a great concept but here are some tips

1)for each level add a picture for the bot IE.for lvl 1 it would be a drooling guy

2)add music prefebly jazz

3)make the game look better IE. use gradiants and such

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level 3 actually never loses

it was challenging

too easy

WAAAAYY too easy, i pretty much won or tied at all skill levels (keep in mind im awesome at tic tac toe). this could have been more exciting, then again it is tic tac toe, how exciting could it be. okay... i guess.


Ugh... i couldn't ever win lol.
Good game. Was a nice little challenge. :/

it is... tic tac toe...

That's what it is... tic tac toe... nothing more, nothing less! Loved the AI in the game and I enjoyed seeing how the different levels reacted to my moves
two recommendations:

Add some style - although this is... just tic tac toe, use some style to make your game interesting! Use colors, effects, and sound to really make you game stand out!

enemy move delay - right now, the enemy goes immediately after you choose your spot. Although it may sound silly, I think you should put a small delay while the computer is "thinking." This gives the game a more realistic feel and it makes the player think that he could actually be playing a little tiny guy inside his or her computer.

Hope these help! good luck!

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2.53 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2009
3:39 PM EST
Puzzles - Other