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Random number generator

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If you liked this game, or if you didn't aswell haha, please take the time to look at my new account. I will be posting some stuff there soon. Thanks!
http://lemon42.newgrounds .com/
This cool generator supports :
- Random number from 1-10
- Random number from 1-50
- Random number from 1-100
- Random 2-digit number
- Random 3-digit number
- Random 4-digit number
- Random 5-digit number
- Random 6-digit number
- Random 7-digit number
- Reset to 0

Updates :
8 Feb 09 - Upload to Newgrounds

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Excellent. I actually need to use something like this for an RPG that I'm running. And the music is nice. Great work.

Ninja ninja? NINJA MAN! X D

Ninja here. just saying hi on all of your games XD

coocooletmoi responds:

XD Thanks good ol friend :)

Nothing Great

Not bad either, it's something at least I don't see on NG a lot so you get three stars for that. Two for knowing the code and putting time and effort into it.

coocooletmoi responds:

Thanks anyways!!


This is a good project it was basic but fun! i gave you a 7 because the idea is good but the time i play is very short! it is good to help you pick a lottery number

coocooletmoi responds:


way to copy someone else!

im pretty sure ive seen somethin almost exactly like this....

coocooletmoi responds:

Read the previous response and you might get my point of view.