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WEED part 2

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Its what youve been waiting for WEED part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy :D (please leave comment)

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I Toke...

But just because I do doesn't mean that I won't actually evaluate this. I liked the idea the smoke taking the joint it was pretty cool. The animation was decent not bad at all really, the music was nice went well with the idea. The only thing is that it is really short. EPIC CHASE SCENE have the guy hunt down the smoke and beat it to death make a story out of this, that would be awesome. Anyway I liked it 4/5


I was waiting for part 2 seems 3 freaking Dayz just for that I'm give you 7/10 k
If You don't mind I'm going too the Street and by me some of that Weed >:(

CYCLOKAT responds:

good for you,make sure the weed smoke dosnt snatch your WEED!!


You have a really cool cartooning style man, the visuals here were nice and the animation was nice and fluid and crazy, which made it fun to watch, it was a bit short, but it made up for that in uniqueness.

CYCLOKAT responds:



Have you ever smoked the freaking thing? You wouldn't have the energy or the hand-eye coordination to catch that green thing. And i just don't get the point of posting this thing. 3/10 for the psychedelic music

CYCLOKAT responds:



omfg fuking SMOKE HE TRY TO STEAL THE WEED OMG!!! nice job man i love WEED =D btw i'm smoking weed now LOLOLOLOL!!!! WEED PART 3 PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ =D!!!

CYCLOKAT responds: