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I came accross these recordings of Obama using some pretty colorful language and thought it'd be fun to make a lil widget out of it. There's an embed link, in case anybody wants to post it anywhere else.



Pretty funny to hear the President cuss, whether it was reading or not. The animation was smooth and it gave me a laugh. Good job.


Nothing new

The audiobook of "Dream of My Father" has been out a really long time, so this is pretty unoriginal because I don't think there's anyone out there who hasn't heard these quotes already. You should also clarify somewhere that when Barack Obama read these quotes from his book, he was quoting his childhood friend Ray (real name Keith) who has been in and out of prison. Obama himself never said these things to anyone. I'd be surprised if this holds up as Fair Use and doesn't get taken down. Either way, it's not really a game, and the quotes were somewhat interesting and humorous before, but really aren't now.

If you want to make something funny about a politician the recent Front Page Flash of the inauguration with the joke about Aretha Franklin's hat is a really good example of something you could work toward in the future. Your animation is pretty decent, and adding the option to embed is neat.

remyzero responds:

See that was just too much typing, but do you mind if I copy and paste what you just wrote?


Great job man , your going too go really far with flash , keep up the great work!

remyzero responds:

Thank you!

not enough sayings.....

if you really wanna try and improve this, add more sayings! and make some of them kind of..... tie together. if you know what i mean...... but good so far....

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remyzero responds:

Yeah it's not meant to be a big project or anything. Mostly for shits and giggles and to post on myspace for fun. I'm working on actual games and animations, one of them being the Street Fighter collab, I actually took a break from that to do this today. Oh well...

It could use a little extra...

I'm all for poking fun at the president elect as much as anyone else. America wouldn't be America if we didn't rib on the guy a little after all. But this just wasn't that fun to play with. It's very limited in what you can make Obama say. This one could have deffinatley used more work, but it also has potential to be something actually fun!

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remyzero responds:

you mean President? He's no longer president elect. Yeah, I'm thinking of adding more soundbytes. I have a whole lot more. thanks.

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Feb 7, 2009
9:00 PM EST
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