Super Crazy Mini Race

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How to play:
use arrows key to move your car(the red one)

Danmacben: This is our first game... don't be cruel... You always win... lol... we couldn't find the scripts to make a loose variable... sorry ( we like to abuse the "...")

seankay: My first collab with my best friend, danmacben... this time we give to you a race game... wich sucks... but anyway is kinda good...

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Meh, good try I guess

These are the reasons why I gave it a 3.

1. Badly drawn

2. I assume you're playing as a crayon?

3.The thing that said start to the right wasn't neccesary

4. Bad background music

5. I didn't win yet it says I did :/

maybe the easiest games /I've ever played

Sorry mate Its ok for a first try

Need Help?

Ok, even though you warned me that I could win no matter what that doesn't excuse this game from being, short, badly draw, simple, boring, having bad background music, and there was no way of know how to play. (Although I figured it out after a few seconds.) If you have any action script questions don't hesatate to pm me and I will see if I can help you.

P.S. the code you should have used to make sure you lose is this:
step 1) make sure that the blue car has an instance name like (blue)
(insert this into the movie clip that is the "blue car" )
/*this stands for the blue car and _root.FinishLine stands for the line you made for the finish line*/
gotoAndStop("win", 1);
I hope this helps, and if it doesn't then just PM me

Not bad... not bad..

It's a good tiny flash racing game... main problem that I have with it is that it always says that you win... =/ (I lost my race, but still won)

What the fuck?

Ok... there's no point. I win the race, I win. I lose the race, I win. I sit still and jack off, I win. My friend is now dead thanks to this terrible game. He grabbed a 12 gauge and just ended it. I blame you.

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1.17 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2009
4:52 PM EST
Sports - Racing