German Xmas Market

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Thanks for the Daily 2nd and Frontpage.

SO WE'RE CLEAR, this is based on a German Christmas Market held in a Birmingham, not actual Germany, so there are some differences between what usually goes on. That also means there's aren't many, if any, actual Germans. I just named the animation based on the setting.
Sorry to confuse the German audience.

Yes, I know, it's blatantly late for a Xmas themed flash but it can hardly be helped.

This was made for my Narrative and Action module of my Animation course, in which we had to look into a real life event, in this case, the local German Christmas Market, and do an animation based on it, preferably without the use of dialogue.

Hope you enjoy it.


"What?" or maybe it's just early

Classic animation, the humour right one, one- liners, creep outs, recurring joke through out the flash and deletec scence. Variety of humour. Sound was great.

You keep on work at Wonchop cause you have talent.

Great animation and artwork! But the content...?

I was impressed, I'll admit. Classic animation and art style. Same as 'Bioshocked', I'm German, so I have a few things to say!! First off, congrats on the Frontpage. And where the hell did you have this Christmas Market?! Beer, again, isn't drank at 'em. And the stereotypical thing of Christmas Markets is the gingerbread cookies. I dunno what they're called (and I'm too lazy to look it up) but they come in shapes of hearts, houses, and other stuff. Geez. Can't believe I don't remember what they're called... But anyways. There weren't ANY candies there!!! Mannnn...

But again, great Flash animation. I love the style you have. I hope you got an 'A' on that assignment. :)

Wonchop responds:

I got 60%, which is 10% below a first. Once again, I am criticised for my dislike of Powerpoint.

Nice animation

Wasn't exactly uproarious. But it was cute.

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funny well animated.... but i fail to see how this is front page worthy i think it got there all on the fact that its a well known artist...


Nahh... but really, it was great.

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Feb 7, 2009
11:53 AM EST
Comedy - Original