German Xmas Market

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Thanks for the Daily 2nd and Frontpage.

SO WE'RE CLEAR, this is based on a German Christmas Market held in a Birmingham, not actual Germany, so there are some differences between what usually goes on. That also means there's aren't many, if any, actual Germans. I just named the animation based on the setting.
Sorry to confuse the German audience.

Yes, I know, it's blatantly late for a Xmas themed flash but it can hardly be helped.

This was made for my Narrative and Action module of my Animation course, in which we had to look into a real life event, in this case, the local German Christmas Market, and do an animation based on it, preferably without the use of dialogue.

Hope you enjoy it.



i went 2 the one in bonn for a school trip which one is this flash based on?


Oh my. I have to say that you have to either be in Germany or have been to one of these to really understand the hilarity of what you've made here. (I'm in Berlin, Germany....I think everyone who gets this has to out themselves as an Auslander in their review.) Great stuff...I loved the reference to hand puppet guy...there's a particularly infamous one at the Europa Center that if I didn't know better I'd say you based it on. Great stuff.

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German-tastic (I know I'm not even trying)

Lol good stuff. I liked it. Great artwork, by the way. Been to one of these and yeah, very strange view of it ^_^

nice one!

im german too and i have to agree with reddott!
ive never seen any beer or icecream on a christmas market in german but i remember the most of the other stuff (especially those figures made of junkmetal...they are so friggin crappy..)

btw: grats on frontpage lol!

Wonchop responds:

It was in Britain, and beer was available, as well as ice cream for the non-cultural of folks. There was a surprising amount of un-german things (that Japanese place was actually there)


I didn't realize they spoke English with British accents in Germany....now I know.

Creepy animation, but a goody all the same. Nice work.

Wonchop responds:

It was in England. I've now edited the author's comments to make it a little bit clearer.

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Feb 7, 2009
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