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Use your mouse to shoot down incoming missiles, upgrade your defenses and destructive power, all the while protecting your cities from UFOs and an Atomic Bomb!


THIS GAME IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ):X

Dead emoji. )X


after a while my missiles started freezing on the screen, then they stopped firing altogether. I was completely upgraded on missiles and fire rate. screen shaking when your missiles went off was just annoying. Gotta admit, it's the best missile command rip-off I've played. It was good until my missiles started firing. Easily an eight if it didn't do that. Upgrades came WAY too fast. Maybe add 1 more tree to the background after every upgrade to make it a little more challenging? Good game. Keep making.

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OliverKO responds:

This is pretty weird...

I've played the game many, many times, both here on Newgrounds and offline, but I've never seen the missile freeze bug yourself and others reviewing the game have mentioned... I'll have to have another look...

We sped up the upgrades (their frequency) because we found it was too slow otherwise, with more than the present number of missiles to destroy.

Thanks for the review!

The Only Good Bug is a Dead One.

Good idea for a game but the layout was a little counter-intuitive. I took me a couple lives to figure out that the ufo has to be shot in order to remove its missiles from game. I liked how the progression wasn't forced, but at the same time it allowed me too much time to get upgrades. I ended up on the last level of your game, against the very last super nuke with 4 health bars, but suddenly my cannon stopped working and the game restarted back on level one. Is this a glitch, or did you not expect anyone to get that far? Anyways, im sure if you clear up this issue of indicate why this is happening in the instructions, I think you will have yourself a solid game.

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The game is ok.

But in some moment of the game the cannon just stoppped shooting!
I got like 2 or 3 speed Ups and 2 Power ups, plus a Shield.
Then it stopeed.
The music is nice, game concept old, but nive worked, pretty decent graphics.

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Seems like the timing is off, the missals are coming in too fast and not enough time to reload, slow it down and let the game speed up as it goes along.

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3.18 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2009
8:39 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed