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Banjo-Kazooie Pt. 1

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EDIT ~ Most people are thinking this is just a maze but it isn't, there's much more to it

In a nutshell Grunty has taken the last straw working for LOG in his Video Game Factory so she decides to start mucking everything up from the security to anoying minions of hers. All you have to do is just save LOG's factory before it's to late.

Every floor has a different challenge so it will never get boring (unless you go through the game many times)

Part 1 of 2


No, sorry.

Sorry, that just isn't good enough, it would be better to make a game where you are Banjo trying to stop Grunty again not a maze where you have 1-3 seconds to click a button. 2 just for creativity, and the song, knowing your Banjo-Kazooie facts.

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brain crusher!

it did crush my brain.. :(

really bad...

1/10 for the starting banjo music except that,that suck...

This is NOT Banjo.....!!

This has absolutely nothing to do with banjo's game other than the useless facts at the start + the panning jigsaw shapes. This is just a mouse-maze game with Banjo's name attached.... Worth a few frustrating seconds of fun. Enjoy.


i never played the banjo kazoie games. so i didnt really know what you were talking about on the fun facts and i didnt know what this game had to do with banjo kazoie until floor two then i had to figure out what everything was

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1.91 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2009
6:40 AM EST
Skill - Avoid