Border Defense

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(If you have played this and it seemed to have stopped, this was because I had to convert an external xml file and put it insed the fla. there were some syntax problems with this. I'm hoping they are fixed now. please let me know if this happens and what levle it happens on!)

This is our first try at a tower defense game. Try to keep the Canadians from stealing American jobs. It's a joke folks! So try not to take offense here!

- You cannot build towers on the roads or on the Canadian side of the border.
- Press escape if you ahve chosen a tower by accident and wish to cancel your selection.
- Eagle towers can only be placed on tree spaces.
- You can click your towers and upgrade them if you have the money.

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Like others have said, more towers, repair ability, and no boss attack. Hockey attack was bad enough. Otherwise it was good.

Nice Little Tower Game, But Lacks Innovation

You put together a solid tower game with no real flaws; however, you did not add anything to the genre. Yes, this was a creative concept, especially given the current recession, but besides the theme, there was nothing new.

I would suggest that you add many more towers for the next version, introduce a repair mechanism for towers (I could only sell and rebuilt), have a larger warning for air (I knew that air was coming but I did not know from what access points), and in general add new levels and scenarios.

All in all, this was a good game and you have talent but for your next attempt, you should really try to push the genre and hopefully implement some of the suggestions presented.


Decent enough game, not really new or interesting.

I did find it offensive though. I won't say more on it though, as this isn't the place for a pointless debate.


Well..i don't like those type of games but...i won't blame it for that...it seems u worked hard for that...and lol...the theme...xD
and..for the guy below me...he said it was a joke..he never wated that someone take offense from this game.

good cept one thing

I really enjoyed the game and the theme behind it, the only thing that pissed me off is you made bosses that could destroy my towers, first boss didn't kill any of my towers but he damn well came near to. I didn't want to have to sell and rebuild them and spend money again and upgrading them all over. When the 2nd boss came and destroyed my flame tower, my grenade bunker and one of my archer tower it made me quit the game. I felt like well this was a huge waste of time, I even put it on easy so i can see through till the end. Yeah the boss having a million health is good but I think on easy you should make it so that the boss does not shoot the towers......good game overall; I'm not going to down rate for my frustration.

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2009
6:18 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense