Redemption Denied - part1

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A movie I did for a dear friend of mine.
My obvious inspirations were mostly Frank Miller's work and Cowboy Bebop.
Don't expect to find amazingly original, deep content. It's basically a huge collection of over-the-top action and drama cliches mixed up with styles and music that I love. Just enjoy it.


great job

dont listen to that joker at the bottom if theres one thing i know about physics its when two forces collide the weaker one gets shoved back, it was a steel door hence the possiblity of richochet and the briefcase itself could have been metallic
the mind of an artist is open to ALL possiblities you got the right stuff man keep doin what you do best and youll hear more from me

MarioBonzoiewski responds:

Hey thanks for the lovely comment but seriously, it's just a cartoon, don't need to get all worked up on the physics!

Well done

Reminiscent of the good old days of Heavy Metal mag.


i think this been one of the best movies i have seen for having a smooth style a great plot and the place were the story is based is really good the backgrounds are great the movie is really good made it and talking about the music is great

Your friend is lucky...

and I don't care what anyone else says, in my opinion, you know the meaning of noir.

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Nice look, but Magic Richochets?

I loved the look of it and the storyline. Hero drives a DeLorean!

One thing that bothered me was the Magic Ricochets! I mean, a sniper from several meters away shoots.... The guy blocks the bullet with his briefcase... There, that's fine. The bullet would have probably imbedded itself in the briefcase. But INSTEAD the bullet ricochets. Not only does it ricochet, but it somehow finds it way all the way back to the sniper?!!!

And the bad guys were taking themselves out with ricochets! First, shooting at the hero and the bullets deflecting off the briefcase. Later, shooting at the door and the bouncebacks killing them. Wha, what?!!!

It would have been better if the hero had a gun and was actually shooting back.

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Feb 6, 2009
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