Pushball 1.0

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This is a game i'm working on for a while.
hope you'll enjoy it.
Graphics by jenno1
Music by Terraflames
Please review. cheers.



jenno1 did a good job with the graphics, but there were some glitches in the game and the launch botton didnt work correctly.

you did jack this game

why steal?


I didn't really understand it to be honest. After I spawned my pushball I couldn't move anything else. The graphics, animation, and sound were all pretty good (although an option to turn the sound off would be nice). The animation was smooth too. But clearer instructions would be nice.

~ Z


This game is exactly the same as mine from the level design to the push space to restart please dont steal

klan responds:

no way the graphics changed also there was this agent mode.

Hmm a couple of things..

Animation/Graphics - The graphics and everything was perfectly fine. I think there should have been a little bit more graphics like things flying around or just other animations that could have really added to the submission. What you had was decent though.

Controls - I like that you had the space button to restart the level, but I think you should have really used a launch button too. It was annoying because sometimes the places that I wanted to try out were right where the launch button was and it wouldn't let me select it. That and the button wasn't the easiest thing to click as you had to find the right spot on the letters.

Story/Content - It's a decent idea for a game. It's been done quiet a bit, but it was still fun to play. Kind of challenges the mind a little bit. I thought the hardest level was level three and after that they were quite easy. That could have just been me adjusting to the difficulty change that you added in that level though. I think you could really advance this game by adding more objects that make the ball do things. Like the one where you had the ball fly up in the air. You could off added things that slow the ball down, make it go faster, blow it up, etc... That means you could even add things to move and get in your way like moving objects, walls, enemies, etc...

Also, what was up with the agent thing? :p

Audio - Decent audio, but it could have probably used some voice overs on the mission part and could have probably used some things like sound effects when the ball bounced or when the ball flew up in the air. Things like that.

Overall - A game that could be a pretty good game with a few upgrades and additions to it.

~ Review Request Club ~

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3.56 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2009
2:31 PM EST
Strategy - Other