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One-man Siege

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I increased the speed of the character as well as the speed with which the thow power accumulates.


I couldn't get into this game much. It was mostly because I'm no good at it. I thought it was just something I could used to, but it was not. It was too slow moving of a game. I am glad to have come by this in the first place. It was a pretty unique experience.

It was just too difficult. You didn't get a good sense of what you were aiming at. There should have been an arrow or something to show you where it would go. I guess the graphics aren't too bad. It's hard to move around in this.

Very entertaining

Ruining the enemy's shit was fun, I'll say that.
The concept was very creative, the updates helped out a lot, and it was fun to play through the levels.
Background music would've been nice though. Hearing some trumpets play on while taking down the tower would've sounded appropriate.

All in all, it was fun.

the concept is ten...

... and the design is wonderful but the gameplay needs so0me tweaking. Like the other guy says, balls are too hard to dodge and the throwing system is awkward.

Also, a background sountrack besides canon explosions is essential, will make it more engaging of an experience.

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i liked the game over all it was quite fun but the cannonballs were hard to dodge and throwing the balls back was really hard, maybe a system similar to bowman or something might be better.

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very bad

1- the guy is too slow
2- just 4 lifes
3- its har to evade the cannon balls
if u re-design it whit this things in mind it will be great.
Nice idea

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2.94 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2009
10:57 PM EST
Action - Other