Pit vs Mechasonic 1 part1

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WELL to say this is a little fan mini seres I'm working on and Pit has always been a favorite of mine though he has been baried for like twenty years but there's a rumor that he's getting a new game : Kid Icarus The Mirror of Palutena so please enjoy but this like my 5th flash so please don't hate if you don't like it


umm hi no offence but BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAPPP!!!!!!!!

Pretty Crappy

Kind of disappointed that there is yet another crappy flash that made it past judgment. I don't care about whatever effort you put into this, because your effort doesn't show.

You do not deserve a break for it being your first flash. There are plenty of great artists that had great first flashes, or at least decent ones that were at least enjoyable.

And then just pretend I said what eveyrone before me has said.

yoshi565 responds:

well lets see your amazing jaw dropping flash


Way too choppy! Also to my knowledge mechasonic can't just become Golden Sonic at will. Also, your fight needs more of an introduction. Why are they fighting? Or I suppose, why has Mecha Sonic targeted Pit?

yoshi565 responds:

one it's my 3rd flash so give me a break;2 it's a flash 3 why'd you type it in


It was a O.K concept but there wasn't any sound and very little words to look at and was extremely boring to watch because of that...

yoshi565 responds:

be honest could you find pit and mechasonic voices

animation and concept is horrible


yoshi565 responds:

you know that's not very nice

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Feb 5, 2009
8:31 PM EST