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Frontpage: Thanks so much for the front page! Too kind to me :D
Squeez is a throwback to the old school arcade games I love to play. The game combines retro looks and sounds with a few modern day twists.

The game is entirely mouse controlled too. Click and hold the mouse to 'squeez' past tough spots while you collect points.

I hope you enjoy it, it's one of my first solo game projects.

P.S - Please submit to the games collection, it'd be appreciated!

- Mike


pretty fun

But it's so simple and repetitive. It needs some more power ups or some other gimmick. I got all but 2 of the achievements after one time through.

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Simple Does It!!

Wow Man Awesome Game...
Music... a RSFM. You Get A 10!

I liked it

It was time consuming and well after a while once you play about over like 3 min it seems like your just doing the same thing over over you could make more elements into the game suchs as nps like little circles that get in your way more power ups well basically just more like a second game with enhancements will be very nice..
Other things when people say you die and die again i never had that problem you have a few seconds to place the circle where you want
One more note is the graphics could be a bit more shinier and flashy just to get that extra boost to it but overall i gave a nine good job


but still fun. I liked the powerup, but maybe slitting into two power-ups (one that sucks orbs, and the other allows for invincibility). Plus, having invincibility and faster shrinking is kinda redundant since you don't need to shrink to avoid the walls. but good game anyways!

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I enjoyed the game very much. However I do have some comments.

I don't know about anybody else, but This game seemed to have rediculous lag for me for no apparent reason. Pretty much as soon as the game started speeding up with more balls things started moving very jerky. My suggestion for that is simply to add a quality setting, or to leave that in the right click menu.easy fix. But as you can immagine lag in a game like this is pretty much instant death.

i also did notice, as Lukarnis had mentioned, that reappearing after death can really kill you quickly. I think what would be a better solution there would be if you gave a person a couple seconds to be invincible that would be great.

I prefer to have acheivements listed so I can know what I have to do to complete them. Unless they are all things that anyone playing the game would eventually do? I can't tell because I haven't unlocked them all.

My main thing again is the lag. A quality setting should fix that problem for myself and anyhone else who has noticed it. Keep up the good work.

ImpendingRiot responds:

I'll see what I can do, thanks for the heads up.

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3.86 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2009
11:53 AM EST
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