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Dragonball R preview

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I made this to tide people over until Episode 2 of dragonball R is complete. For reasons I cannot say, episode 2 is comming along slower than I expected. So I threw this together in a hour (from sketching to end), so please don't judge me to harshly (belive me, it shows!).

What is this clip about? Well it's a scene of Goku going SSJ3 perfect. What is that? Well you'll have to tune into future episodes of Dragonball R to find out! So until then, enjoy!

To everyone who is saying I traced this, I DIDN'T. I'm flattered that you think that this is good enough to be traced, but this is all orignal stuff drawn by me. It is coming strait out of my fanmanga.



This is an embarrassment. You should feel bad about yourself. Shame on you.

i have 3 words 4 U

the graphics sucked

Good, can't wait!

To answer the question of the guy before me, in the fan fiction, Goku goes from SS4 to SS5 (silver ape like goku) but SS6 goes back a few stages giving goku the appearance of a SS3 but with a silver stripe!

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lol ummm...
when he went from ssj4 to ssj3, was he suposse to get stronger.
lol thats confusing so when he turns to normal black hair is that his strongets heh

you have come a long way since episode 1

nice job, is this your 2nd flash (since ep. 1 was your first)? I'ts weird that some people actually think it's Goku fighting Vegeta when it's easy to tell its Gohan since Goku would fight as super sayan 4 and not ss 2 and by the different hairstyle. Just one thing i think is flawed in your storyline, Vegeta loses against Gohan when Gohan is a super sayan 2 but Vegeta a super sayan 4, this i think is impossible since i saw in the series on numerous occasions that no supersayan could defeat another super sayan of a higher lvl; And why has Vegeta gotten to super sayan 4 normally and Gohan hasn't made it to super sayan 3???

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Mar 22, 2002
12:30 AM EST