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Help Papa Rob assemble his lost inventions. And find out who is the thief behind Papa Rob's lab. Catch various bonuses within the puzzles.

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Good game

Are you a fan of Rob Zombie by any chance?


I liked the overall looks and all but it's too damn repetetive, some minigames added to the storyline might work fine, i guess it's a solid game thought.

An acheivment

The is kid's game. A fantastic kid's game I should add. It's simple yet fun. Props for the picture instructions for all non-english speaking or non-readers who play. The puzzling is quite smooth although at times it's a bit hard to get the pieces to quite snap. Half the fun is just to try to figure out just what the heck you're puzzling together and most of the inventions are quite imaginative. You've even managed to do something unique with the gameplay what with the bonus-points received when placing specific pieces. *thumb up*
I think the "hint-system" is a bit too willing to give you a hand though but it's at least good it's there to help along to make sure you don't get stuck. *neutral thumb*
There is however a flaw in how you seem to have split the image into puzzle pieces by using a grid. This leads to some pieces being far too small to handle accurately and at times can make the puzzles themselves seem awkward. The computer-puzzle's screen's sides is an obvious example of this. Some more effort could be put in here. *thumb down*

All in all though I don't see why you posted this on Newgrounds. It's not really the best demographic for these sort of games so I can't expect any particularly good scores for it. Keep at it though. Especially since this game ended so abruptly. Don't get me wrong. The length of the game was fine but just cutting to the title screen after that brooding message? You make the player feel as if he missed something. You could have at least stuck a "To be continued there.."


lol i played the game it is just a rip of xD at the end you see a picture and in that picture is a man that is steleing your stuff lol. and than you can start over again xD


i thought it was rather okay and stress releaving :3

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3.88 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2009
5:58 AM EST
Puzzles - Other