Arian Starfighter

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Be patient. The preloader doesn't seem to want to cooperate.
This game is inspired by X-Wing, Wing Commander, and Asteroids.

The game includes an awesome voice cast, a captivating soundtrack, and autosave features. This game introduces the Arian-Japanese War Story Arc.

Instructions are in game.

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It was kind of fun

Didn't like the controls though. The weapons don't seem really fun when I'm using them imo. I don't know if my experience with this game will be better if I paid attention to the story. I like the voices cuz they sound funny lol.

Yeah. Your fighters suck.

You're going for a pearl harber idea, so why don't you include america's technological advantage? Maybe add some lives, shielding that regenerates (doesn't matter if enemies have it, you can use it better) and better turn rate.

ViolentAJ responds:

Well, at the beginning of the war American fighters were sluggards compared to the nimble Japanese fighters.

The prequel will be better gameplay-wise. I still don't want to go with lives for a game like this, but fighters will "heal" more effectively. Also, since the prequel will be from the Japanese perspective, the player's fighters will be more nimble (there will also be multiple fighters to choose from).

Good game.

The game seems to get even more harder.. but the story's OK!

ViolentAJ responds:

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it!

can't get past level 5

Your own fighters are very sluggish and weak compared to some of the enemy fighters. Kinda hard to win against fighters that can both out-turn you and take you down in just 3 hits and take two missiles to go down.

Generally speaking, it's expected in games like this for small and fast fighters to be weak and big and slow enemies to be strong. In this game it's the opposite!

Some suggestions would be multiple types of player fighters. Patrol missions in one type of fighter and assault mission in a heavy fighter or bomber, etc. You could also include upgrades like an increase in armor, more powerful weapons, better damage regeneration for example after research and development makes a breakthrough.

ViolentAJ responds:

Will keep it in mind if I make a sequel. Thanks.

I wanted it to be like an actual war. One side doesn't really have a "super-fighter", but your fighter is slightly superior to the common enemy fighters.


kinda boring after awhile but fun for abit,good job

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1.96 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2009
12:00 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional