OT01: Out There

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Edit: Wow, thanks for the front page everyone :)

The first of a 10 part series set to the music of RushJet1's E.P "Out There" which when completed will hopefully be a complete short film. Made entirely without the pixel tool, this is my first ever attempt at pixel animation. I never realised just how much of a time consuming process pixel animation was until i undertook this project. Tells the tale of Astro, a young squid summoned to war after a fellow squids ship crashes into a city, id leave a real commentary but id like the film to tell the story itself. More to come.


It was great

Looking forward to the rest of the parts - by the way, you can get the "Out There" track and see all of RushJet1's other stuff (I particularly liked the Muse covers) here: http://nsf.4x86.com/?p=music



You did a wonderful job with all the pixels X3
This is just awesome, thanks for sharing!


I didn;t read your commentary till after i watched the video and i was lost for most of it, i love the pixel animation and the chip tunes adds a nice vibe, all around it was a job well done besides the hard to follow story

Not bad

It was a little hard to follow and sometimes the pixels were too big to distinguish certain details but I can see a lot of effort went into making this and it definitely intrigued me. I can't say it was perfect but it was doing a whole lot more for pixel animation than most and overall I think it was rather effective. Try to have main objects in a different colour from the background and maybe try smaller pixels for your audience's ease. Other than that keep it up, and I look forward to seeing the resolution. 4/5, 7/10.

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good stuff

this film really reminded me of the game Out of theis World, perhaps the art style is all, but it was the first thing i thought of, looking foward to the next

Gerkinman responds:

Cant say ive heard of the game, ill have to go look it up.

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Feb 4, 2009
3:07 AM EST