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***There are two easter eggs. One is very obvious and the other not so much***

I decided to make a random but yet fun little platformer. You'll be like WTF as in the title because there is no real goal. Anyways I put alot of time into this I hope you appreciate it. Thanks for playing!

There may be some glitches besides the ones intended in the game so please... Have fun!



............................^<*IwillN e_verBlam*>^.........................
Just trying to show wut i do if anyone wants to join da group pm me

xHeavyMetalx responds:

Dude... change that to ^<*IwillN e_verSpam*>^

I knew i hated skating for a reason...

i got stuck on the other side of a half pipe. I think i may be the first person to fail at a game u can't fail at. Nice game, joke platformers seem to be a new trend.
I feel inclined to mention something about a banana?

xHeavyMetalx responds:

Now decline that thought..!

That was awsome.

I believe it something similer was done before, I can't think of the name though. It was not quite as good as the other one. I did enjoyed playing this, but was a little boring, old jokes, and all. The best part was the abillity to interact with the bridge, and thing at the end. I believe that you could be an entire flash out of that idea alone, and if you put enough effort in to it, I guarentee it would be a great game.

7/10 for being an entertaining (A little) game, and with good interactivity.

xHeavyMetalx responds:

I'll make that my next project most likely, thanks for playing!

I loved it =D

4/5 < It's very difficult to get a 5/5 from me
It was funny so you get points for that - I found a place after the gay bar stool joke where you can climb through the wall and fall endlessly =/

Anyway there is a very poorly drawn banana just above a statement witch is also a platform... just thought id let EVERYONE know... >> <<

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xHeavyMetalx responds:

Thanks, The secret is out!


if the game was drawn better, had no gliches, and a point it would be awsome!

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xHeavyMetalx responds:

Drawn better? Umm well excuse all of the effort I put into the blood and everything else.

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3.50 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2009
10:06 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop