MGS: The Big Boss Show

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warning: spoilers for MGS4

I support pedophilia, I don't know why you don't.
Re-uploaded for play button.

"you know why most people don't support pedophilia? Because its illegal, and its just wrong. It scars people for life, even people who have never been touched by it personally. You sicken me, oh, and put in a play button if you want people to watch this movie at all." -AshricSendaru

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Eh views on MGS aside the voice acting was not great, The music was alright and the animation did not lag and was solid so it was alright.

My own opinions on MG and MGS however are quite diffrent yours obviously. Big Boss to me was while not wholly needed as plot device at the end did end up explaining quite a bit, about exactly what happened to him after Zanzibar land and How he and the patriots had their falling out.

Did he need to be alive and walking during MGS 4? thats up for debate but i completely disagree that he was completely uneeded when the entire game basically centered around the Patriots and Guess what? He was a founding memmber.

Don't angry the fangirl... lol

I haven't left a rating, so it says 0, not because I've downvoted it due to otaku rage or something, but because I can't decide on what to give it (due to otaku rage...). I just wanted to leave a comment. Well, um, no thanks for the emotional scarring... but the idea that Big Boss has his own TV show in the first place and the comment at the end about Solidus made me laugh. Heh. The drawing style was kinda nice, too.


when he eqiup the gun it was the mgs3 gun thing on the bottom right corner and it was solidus in the van with eva A.K.A. big mama in act 3


I agree that big boss was just filler. Actually, all of the second half of mgs 4 was just fanservice. v_v


I absolutely loved it. Magnificent piece of beautiful art. It truly shows the reality of humanities struggles. Wonderful, artsy, amazing. I personally believe it's one of the greatest works of Fact to hit Newgrounds. Absolutely astounding.

pastabilities responds:

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Feb 3, 2009
5:20 PM EST
Comedy - Parody