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A soldier was captured during the worldwar and unfortunely he was choosed
to pass by the final test of survival, "The Chamber of (R)Hope".
Tied, the only way to survive is Jumping with all energy of his body...

That is the first project ("game"), I could finish, i done a hard work with ActionScript,
to minimize the Bugs and Glitches, I listened the sound thousand times, to sync it
with the gameplay, I calculated the "JumpTime", the random speed and the colisions...
I really hope all you enjoy the game, it was composed with 10 levels, great music (from
the independent World of Goo) and insane gameplay.

After play, let me know your opinion, or bug reporting, and remember, I really hope all you
enjoy it.

"...cause we love jumping..."

PS: The Action button is "Z"
OBS: I am apologize, all the problems are already fixed.
(now is possible to play in notebooks).

Note: It runs more smooth on Dual Cores..


wow that was pretty cool

it really takes jump rope to new extremes lawl!

ok, could be better

art= loved it
story= pretty good!
content= one button and a jump rope. ugh

I won the game

I bet most of the people who gave mediocre ratings to this weren't able to win the game. Since, you know, actually winning it is so different than just playing it. I'm played on a pentium 4 pc. The game was so choppy but I was so determined to finish it.

It took almost an hour and dozens of frustrating deaths. There were even points where I really wanted to quit. But gosh darned I really wanted to win so bad. It's like this game awoken something in me.-Like the will to win.

Anyway, thanks for making such a good game. I don't believe there were problems between amv and intel since, the erratic stops seem to tween with the music each time.

Good job man 10/10.

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ganoncrazy responds:

man, I really happy to see you enjoyed the game...
Thanks for playing man!


when i saw the art you used i was expecting something better, like a running game or something, but all i saw was a rope jumping game.... yeah its good for killing a few minutes, but its really boring... the art was stunning but it feels that your skills are going to waste. i strongly recommen you to stick to animating movies since making games isnt really your thing(or maybe it is? i dunno...)...

P.S the blood on the floor(which appears when you get shot) looks really awful. do me a favor and fix it if you can.

I found a bug.

Sorry for the low score, but I jumped, the gun was fired, everything was stopped but the guy kept jumping. I had to restart the game.

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ganoncrazy responds:

Im sorry for the inconvenience!

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2.93 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2009
5:08 AM EST