Pie Sniper

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Mouse 1 = Shoot
Space Bar = Reload

My first flash game which was put together with what I understand so far with AS2, enjoy!


Pretty Cool :D

I Like The Gameplay And The Diffrent Spawn Types...Its A Little Hard Though Lol..A Little Bit To Hard :D.Give Us a sub machine gun or a pistol and let us switch between them.like upgrades and one not.thx for usin my song :P.4/5 8/10. peace

My whole reveiw:

Graphics: 10/10
For your second flash, this is pretty good graphics. the blockiness didn't hinder the game at all.
Gameplay: 9/10
Pretty basic, though good job for a first game. Maybe when you become better with Flash, you can remake the game with more maneuverable enemies to make it a little harder. Also, please add more lives. Past level 2 becomes impossible with the reload.
Replay Value: High
Each time you try to play the game, it gives you a different spawn type.
Good job.
Overall: 10/10 5/5
Amazing game. Hope to see more soon!

Pie Protection

A non-violent type of a game ,yet with the action of a violent game is kinda cool. I like the game...it needs some more work..but considering this is your first game I'll give you props. 9 rating.


Not the most original game, fairly simple, if it's your first game ever, good job. Otherwise, it's uninteresting.


Graphics not too bad, sounds excellent, gameplay not much fun.
Basically, it's a losing battle, and a rapidly losing one at that. Even playing faultlessly, you're gonna croak once you start getting 8-10 on the screen, because you only have 5 bullets, or maybe 6, didn't quite count. It could work if there were reload and firing speed upgrades, but you already knew that, you're just workin with what you got. It's not a bad first go at all.

Frankmank responds:

Thanks for the advice, the upgradable reload/ammo capacity plus buying more pies is already included, there were some issues with the enemies that forced me to remove them though, they'll be in #2 though.

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Credits & Info

2.32 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2009
12:45 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed