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NG Poster Collab

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Author Comments

(EDIT): Glitches fixed-Madness.
(EDIT2): Bio's problem fixed.

The main theme to this collab was to create a character out of the list that I made, the artist drew up the character and I organized it into the Poster. The turnout was great and I hope you enjoy seeing these fantastic art.

Characters and artists-

Foamy-Flying Dutchman
Fancy Pants-MiniCing
Castle Crashers- Lesjuh
P-Bot- Peglay
Blue Rabbit- Flibergerdigit
Angreh Faic-GCPFTW
Alien Homonid-Flibergerdigit
Salad Fingers-Idiot-Monarch
Chocolate man-TrippingMetal
Strawberry clock-JKAmovies
Chainsaw The Children-Leeraji
Office Spider-Flibergerdigit
Spell Checker-Glitchhog

Please enjoy-

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Alien homonid? It's alien hominid.

Nostalgia = Newgrounds.

Nice Dude!

JKAmovies responds:

Cheers dude! :)

i want the poster and really like the song is fantastic

JKAmovies responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it :)

It's been a long time since I've written a review

Mostly because all the flashes I find are either crap or I haven't a slightest idea what to say about it. Finally, I stumbled upon this. Lemme just say that Tom Fulp looks horrible and so does Salad Fingers. I'm sorry, but they look just too creepy. Along with them, Chocolate Man and Awesome look strange. I mean Metal Gear Awesome was OK, but he looked too old and that ticked me off. Everyone else looked great with the best being Hank by Rhunyc. The collab idea was creative, the music was wonderful to listen to, and overall there are no real complaints I have. Great collab and great work!

JKAmovies responds:

I feel honoured that you found this to be something else but 'crap' :) Glad you liked it dude and thanks for the comment!