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errr that was kinda weird. I mean i tootaly agree with the guy below.

Nice game, but...

...this is sort of what's wrong with America. A game that appeals to girls has to be something about being a super-model, super-star, who's biggest ordeal to overcome is picking out which dress to wear, walking casually over to people to sign auto-graphs, and then looking good in front of a camera. Then again, I'm a guy, and guy games seem to be all about being a big, buff macho bad-ass who runs around killing everyone. So, I guess both sexes have very sterotyped games. But at least in guy games, you're trying to DO something, like save the world. In this game, you're just wandering around looking good. Not sure this is the kind of message I would want to send to my daughter (if I had a daughter). I'd rather her play Halo and go save the world than play this game and think that all a girl is good for is prancing around and showing off her looks.

However, bias aside, the graphics and animation were clean and good. A good execution, I just get a bit hung up how chick games seem to be all about "the only useful quality I have is my looks".

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3.31 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2009
12:08 AM EST