Winter Rider

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let me know what you think.. please dont be too harsh. This is a side scrolling bike game. If you do not like these games, please do not play. for the rest of you enjoy, and i look forward to your feedback.


nice game

nice game

Well.. It could be alot better, indeed..

Beautiful layout, Crappy game play.

The bike both sounded and felt like it was idling

Ahhh man! This started out really promising, but by the time I'd restarted level 3 for the 30th time, I'd given up on that second bike (hopefully with better acceleration and didn't always sound like it was idleing) :)

Ok, assuming I just suck and level three isn't too difficult for the third level: the bike(s) need better pick up and some sound effects. Other than that, this game was really a lot of fun to play!

i agree with aserwraith...

I liked the graphics but, sadly, that's it. I thought having to click, ''play again'' every time you lost was annoying. You should just re-spawn if not a few feet back, then at the beginning of the level. I also thought the music was just awful. The controls were really stiff too. You just, basically, end up holding the forward button throughout the whole game! There should be more speed on the bike too, I think. If you work on these key problems, then you've got yourself a great game.


Good stage layout, just close the gaps and it's fine.

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3.18 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2009
2:45 PM EST
Sports - Other