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Planet Simulation

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Click the top-most tool to create a planet, then drag it into view. Then set the velocity. You can later paint it, move it, delete it, or, with the pointer tool, change its mass. This is based off of Newton's equations for gravitational force. An iPhone version is in the making.l

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Has a big bug in it. When 2 planets collide, it's like one is made out of matter and the other antimatter. They shoot apart at fantastic speed. The opposite of an inelastic/plastic collision in other words, they get an enormous amount of kinetic energy from nowhere.

It is also hard to get it to stay selected with the parameter I want to change. I try to change the velocity vector of my planet for instance and I click on the second square on the left but no, it keeps changing back to other things. Still, it's good to see a hard physics simulator of some sort here, but it definitely should be improved, its problems fixed.

I've tried it a few minutes a day for a few days now, and then I'm like 'sweat, but could have been better.' Thing is... it's too hard to make something interesting happen. It would be nice to make something orbit something else, but that just hasn't worked out for me thus far and I don't know if it will... thing is: there's only one size of dots and that makes things hard. Also the gravitational pull... in a way it's too weak, but I do believe you can tweak that yourself. Also: planets don't bounce off each other, they break, explode, shatter into many parts... that would be interesting to add.
What would really be nice is of the field would somehow be larger and you could add a feature to randomly fill the field and make magic happen... a cluster of dust forming gravity inside clustering matter that sucks even more matter in... that sort of thing... maybe advanced, but doable I think.
Thus far, because I do believe people could get interesting set ups and results and it has potential for more, I'd give it a 3.5

how to do this

how to play this??????

I didn't get it

I don't really know what I should be doing with this.It looks interesting, but if I knew what I had to do I'm sure i Could have say it was good.Try more explanation and what's the overall use of this.


its addicting it can entertai nme for abput 10 minuits then its plain boreing...please make it less boring next time