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Circle Avoider V2

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I updated the game a bit from previous versions. I altered the code to make it so no place is safe. Before people were hiding out in the corners. Try it out and let me know what you think. I also added the highscore module and wanted to make sure that was working successfully for everyone.


Simplicity makes perfect

This game is very simple and highly addicting.
As a reaction to the reviewer before me, I think there is no need at all for more shapes, as the game gets hard enough when you get far enough.

The background is a very good choise, because "glitter effects" and such stuff distract the playerfrom the actual game itself. The space you had to move the mouse was very small, and maybe you shouldn't let a game end when you touch the wall, just letting the cursor stop is enough.

Creating a personal game is really unnecessary, the game itself is interesting enough, and adding more shaped would make the game too hard and even shorter then it already is.

Graphics are fine and simple, this prevents lag and even slow coputers can play this game at high quality.

I had no problem at all with the music, but it is irritating at some point, but thx to the mute button this problem is solved quickly. A more relaxing loop would be recommended.

But after all, this it not a new concept and if you search enough, you'll find dozens of these games. It's a succesful recepy for a game, but not revolutionary. Also I had a bug, when I watched high scores and closed it, the loop started playing again, even when the old one was still playing.

My conclusion is that you made a good game, but it has a few things that can be improved. Keep making this kind of games and I'd be very pleased.


I speant WAY to much time playing it... just about as much time playing it as "wwxxMxxww" below me spent writing that crazy review.

I was able to find a glitch that help me alot, but requires perfect timing, so I was only able to do it 3 times out of like 20.

In the circle.

It is a simple avoiding game in which you have to move a swirling circle to avoid an increasing number of glowing yellow balls. The length of it is quite short because it gets hard pretty quickly, but many people will like this because they have to wait less to try and get past the point in which they lost. I myself like the simple aspect of moving around very quickly; working the reflexes of the mind, but I was left feeling slightly disappointed in a lack of other content. You could have included a number of extra modes or implemented a sandbox mode allowing the player to customise the spawn rate along with the starting numbers of balls and their increasing or decreasing speeds. To take this game to the next level you really need to include a variety of shapes or circles at different speeds and sizes - moving either together or separately.

It gets easy avoiding the same pattern of movement. Add new shapes and make them move around the map differently. You may want a red square that follows you around slowly or shapes that explode sending shards of brilliance around the arena. As akaYmer commented, you should also increase the size of the arena or offer it as a choice to the player.

The graphics were, at best, decent. The animation is quick is smooth and the swirling cursor spins flawlessly, however it is the only thing that is actually distinctively animated. The lack of detail also adds to the game's limitations. There is nothing to see. You place the whole game on a blue background which works well the yellow balls, but it feels lazy. You need to add to the graphics alongside the gameplay by making more beautifully created shapes and maybe even some glitter effects highlighting trails.

The audio is extremely limited and flawed. The main problem lies in the loop of the music. It seems to only play once and not loop leaving only the sound of a new yellow ball. You could try using two music tracks - one for the menu and one for the actual game {please make these tracks appropriate though so the mind is stimulated to think quickly}. Thank you for the option to turn the music off.

Add more sound effects. When you add different shapes or balls with different sizes you could increases or decrease the volume upon entry into the area. Change audio effects for different shapes.

My overall conclusion is that the game is simple and enjoyable, but very far from perfect. I would play for a little while because it's quite demanding, not just for the high score but for my own honour. You need to reach an alert mind to get a good score and that makes it slightly replayable and exciting. If I wanted a game to quicken my reactions then I might play this.

I hope you consider expanding your game. It's a fairly good concept and that saves it a lot of really negative criticism. The lack of graphical design is easily hidden underneath your very well drawn and animated cursor, along with your text and shapes. You should already add to what you have rather then scrap it and remake. I wish you luck and PM me if you would like a review on future works.


* * * * * {5 - 10} - "Playable"

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vary good

it is very fun, great video to play because it is simple yet fun.
the only problem with it is theat when you right click, the mouse shows again.
if u use as3 to make this, this shold help.

stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLI CK, hideMouse);
function hideMouse(evt:MouseEvent):void {


Pretty Fun

The game is pretty fun, only problem I had was that the music stopped after a few seconds but other then that it is a smooth running fun game.

allfunnystuff responds:

Oops, had it on repeat 1 instead of loop

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3.06 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2009
8:01 AM EST
Skill - Avoid