December 20, 2012

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Supposedly (I don't believe it) the world is supposed to end on December 21, 2012. This flash is about what people will do on their last day, December 20th. This is my longest flash and I like it a lot. Sorry for the big file size, audio would get out of sync if I compressed too much. Enjoy!


nobody need to believe this crap!

this is all lies they saying that want we talk about that and be on panic so fuck you mayans!!!anyway that was cool and funny "screw this shit" XD
"holy shit this ocean is fucking huge " ha ha ha ha ha

lol pretty funny!

lol "who shit on the coats!?" hahaha. dang that was pretty funny. but in all seriousness, technically 12/21/12 is only the BEGGING of the end. not just the end.

I thoguht...

I thought that this would happen:

Democrats go insane and party, pre-heating (destroying) the Earth.

Republicans find a way to protect the Earth and democrats complain when they're all bankrupt.

Or nothing happens at all and the Mayans lied to us!

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popsicle-of-doom responds:

those damn mayans lol

not bad

lol most unlikly to not be the end of the earth december 2012 but still great animation u coulda put a few more scenes in cause it was a bit short

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popsicle-of-doom responds:

Ya I'll do that next time.


Dude! Someone shit on the coats! You get a 10 for the Dane Cook joke!

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popsicle-of-doom responds:

Ya he's hilarious

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