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Twelve Towers

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In this side view tower defense the world has been conquered by the evil forces of Orgak. But one hero steps forward to reclaim the Twelve Towers and restore peace. Learn and cast spells, develop your hero's skills, kill hundreds of foes, reclaim all twelve towers and become a legend!

This game requires balancing the magic and might to defend against 24 different waves of enemies. It is built on my original Goblin Defense Series but with much more than hopping goblins.


20+ unique units
20+ Unique Spells
Hero and Tower Upgrades
24 Levels
12 Towers with different scenes

Get a variety of spells, each spell type requires cool down time before being re-cast so it is a good idea to have several different types to use while the others recharge.

Balance upgrading of spells and upgrading attack damage. Spells are necessary but you hero must also increase in damage at a moderate rate to win this game.

Good to get early spells - Sandstorm, Footmen and Stonewall.
My Favorite spell - Lightning Storm (causes havoc against large forces)

Hope you like the game. Please note that the game takes about 1 hour to finish straight through, there is a save option available.

Thanks for playing.

EDIT: Some have noted that a certain level does not end after killing all the units, this is usually because a monster has been knocked back super far and is taking way to long to come back. If this seems to happen just wait a couple of minutes and the level will end.

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a bit too hard for me :)

Anyway , you did great job here .. I like bows , and this game is realy good ..

nice game

i would have gave a 10 but it was buggy(er) than bat shit

pretty cool

9/ 10 for awesomeness

i think its cool

i think its a sweet game

Buggy also unbalanced.

I would give this game about a 5
Hordes come fast, and in masses, but there is a really easy way to get rid of them.
All you need is the rock wall and polymorph and you can finish the whole game with both of them. The polymorph is a bit overpowered because once you get max shooting speed, you can just wipe out a whole horde by turning them into pigs. Also the wall can really take a beating, and it bugs the dragons, when the dragons reach the area where the wall is, they disappear and die.

Also the bugs I had was that I couldn't pass a two levels, once I kill all the hordes, nothing happens, and its just stuck there.
The graphics could be improved for example the rock wall doesnt really look like a wall but infact just a clump of boulders.

The researches are okay, but some of the last spells for example the "Nova" spell, it seems to be weaker than polymorph. And most range of spells seems to be useless to research as you can just get rock wall and polymorph to just complete the game.