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A new twist on an old classic. Using the mouse or AWSD/Arrow keys (Controls selected ingame) move your 4 paddles (one on each side) around to keep the ball in play!

QuadPong is no basic pong game, ingame there are 5 different power ups (2 are unlockable at certain scores, explained in the how to play section). The game features particle effects and a dynamic background which changes colors as the ball gets faster. Unlike traditional Pong there is no computer player, simply keep the ball in play for as long as possible and try not to mess up ;).

Press P to pause and M to Mute the audio. The game features 3 seperate score tables for each difficulty, enjoy :).


I know how you feel.

I know that it's very annoying when some people say one thing when other people think the complete opposite and you cant win. You just have to find a blance between them.
But in my opinion this game was great! I played it a lot and was very fun. It was a little too easy but it was great! Good job!

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Ab9003 responds:

Thanks, I have taken the feedback to heart now and think I have found this balance :).

good concept, bad physics.

The concept was good, items + pont + 4 ways was not that bad.

My friend and I actually did make something similar, although it was in Java.

The major problem is that the speed manipulation due to the paddle was too much.

The speed should've constantly increased, and the paddle should've just changed the direction of the ball depending on where the ball hit the paddle.

On Hard mode, I had to wait at least 5 seconds for the ball to go across the screen vertically.

I had to purposely move my paddle so that the ball moved faster, the game was not challenging at all, I had to force myself to make the game harder.

Ab9003 responds:

Ahh I see what went wrong...all fixed now :).

Ball kept slowing down and got boring

Nice execution, but the ball kept slowing down, so it got too easy/boring. The idea of powerups is a nice touch. The music also seemed to be way too loud compared to other flashes.

Ab9003 responds:

Some people have said its to hard, some said its to easy. Thats why I included different difficulties ;). Just try hard mode and it should be much more quick for you.

ok well

it was a good idea, but I thought the ball on medium went too slow. Seriously I had to wait about 20 seconds sometimes just for the ball to get across the screen. Also I think it needs a bit more to it, the powerups are a good start, but they dont change up the gameplay enough.

Ab9003 responds:

Try hard mode, the difficulties are designed so every type of player can get a challenge.


Awesome game. I loved it. I found it really hard but thats probs cos im not good at these sort of games. Anyway 5/5, 10/10.

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Jan 31, 2009
5:41 PM EST
Skill - Other
  • Daily 5th Place February 1, 2009