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Relaxing match 2 game. If you liked Pushori, I'd love to hear your opinion on some of the changes.
Watch out for the OneLastMove syndrome :)

My first completed flash game, took way longer than I thought it would. Generally, I'm pleased with the result. Have fun!

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It's pretty good...

but there are some little quarks. First of all, I take this as an exercise in programming since it is as close to a clone as you can get without plagiarism. You've accredited the original in your comments so that's cool. I like how you have the option of clearing the board ever so often; nice touch. However, the controls seem a bit inaccurate at times. It is funny saying that about a puzzle game, but I like to play Pushori as quick as possible and it works, but in your game it doesn't always go in the slot that I want it to. I think primarily it is because the "active" square is not fixed to one square and you can slide it all the way to the right or left. I'm not sure if that was intentional or a design decision because it has not relevance to gameplay. That is my only qualm with this attempt. Keep up the good work.


I like the game, but I have noticed some bugs and I hope you'll do something about them.

Very original...

Very good idea and a fun game for your first one, I like how you give the player a choice to clear the blocks or not before the level ends and also how you threw in the score multipliers.

The only thing I thought could be changed is when a new block comes in the game it doesn't show up until the mouse is moved, not a big deal but it shouldn't be too hard to fix

Over all very good job

RedRail responds:

Yeah, good point about new block. I'll fix it, thanks.

Great game.

I don't think this game's getting as high a rating as it deserves. It's very original (at least I haven't played another game with this exact strategy), fun, addictive, and challenging.
You could maybe make a bigger version of this game though with more block spaces and a 3-in-a-row match rather than 2.
Still I really liked this one. But the music got old after a while. It's a good song but I can't listen to it over and over again.
5/5 10/10 (Just to make up for the lacking score)

RedRail responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate it. I think the small space makes the later levels more intense, but I'll experiment with bigger grids.


I kinda like it. It's time consuming and the difficulty level goes up gradually. I messed up on the one with the bordered blocks, but ya' know, it's all right. good job, and thanks for using my song.

RedRail responds:

I'm glad you liked it.

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4.21 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2009
4:00 PM EST
Puzzles - Sliding